Zero Image Gallery of the month
In November 2016, Zernike Au, the maker of the excellent range of pinhole cameras at Zero Image very kindly displayed a selection of my photographs on his website in his 'Gallery of the Month' feature.

Zero Image gallery

Pinhole photography
I have been fascinated by vintage photographs ever since I started taking photographs myself. I love the characteristics that the primitive equipment used by pioneer photographers gave to the photographs they created.
You cannot get much more primitive that a pinhole camera; A light-tight box with a tiny hole that functions as a lens, and a roll of film....and that's it!
Please take a look at the photographs that I have taken using my pinhole camera (Gallery>Fine Art Images>Pinhole). Pinhole Gallery


August 2016
VSCC Cotswold Trial
Got me wellies and wooly hat ready and looking forward to covering the VSCC 'Cotswold Trial' at Prescott on the 22nd of November.