Photograph Restoration

Repair and enhancing

Stanton Photography can perform photograph restoration to rejuvenate your faded or damaged treasured photographs.

With over 15 years of photo retouching experience, we can help preserve your special memories so that they can be viewed and enjoyed for years to come.

Using our specialist expertise, we first create a high-quality scan of your photograph (we do not alter the original photograph in any way, which is always returned to you. We can work from image files that you provide if of suitable quality). We then digitally restore the damage and enhance the image and can either retain the original's size, or can enlarge the image as you wish (note: this may depend upon resolution of the file or suitabiity of the original photograph). The finished result is a digital image ready for printing or for web site use, alternatively we can provide you with a finished print, either mounted in a bevel-cut mount ready for framing, or unmounted.*

Photograph reproduced by kind permission of Kevin Bloss

Hand tinting.

Colourising images can bring a whole new dimension to your old black and white photographs.
The technique begins as for basic restoration followed by adding several colour layers to the digital copy which are individually applied and adjusted to give your photograph a subtle, period hand-tinted appearance.
As for the restoration process, colorising is performed on a digital copy of your photograph and not on the original.

Photograph reproduced by kind permission of Paul James

Special Effects.

I can add effects to photographs to create a different scene.

Photo Restoration Fees

Basic – For photographs with minimal damage; £10.00
General clean-up and enhancement of image.
Removal of minor blemishes and scratches.

Medium – For photographs with moderate damage; £15.00
Detailed clean-up and enhancement of image.
Repairs to torn edges and corners.
Retouching out blemishes, scratches and stains.

Advanced – For photographs with severe damage; From £30.00
Extensive clean-up and enhancement of image.
Adding missing detail and backgrounds if required.
Removal of creases, tears and deep scratches.
Retouching out heavy blemishes and stains.

Tinting - Prices are as above for any damage repair plus a colourising fee as follows:
Single person and background: £20
For each additional person / pets / objects: £15
Complex photographs - price upon request.

*Price for prints and mounting service upon request.

Please use the contact page to enquire about these services.