Pinhole Photography

The Pinhole Camera:
Pinhole photography is lensless photography. A tiny hole replaces the lens.
Light passes through the hole and an image is formed on the film in the camera.

The pinhole camera captures images that verge on the magical.
The view 'seen' by the pinhole camera is of a very wide angle and has nearly infinite depth of field.
Typically, exposures are long, ranging from one or two seconds to several minutes, even in daylight. The resulting soft, "time altered" scenes created by the pinhole camera's long exposures invoke a sense of sacredness and nostalgia that enhances even the most ordinary scene.

My images were created using the Zero Image 69 pinhole camera, exposing the image onto 120 format film.
I develop my films using a stand-developing technique, with the development stage usually taking an hour or more resulting in greater shadow detail.

To see more of my pinhole photographs, please visit the Gallery page, where they are placed under 'Fine Art Images' or click on this link: Pinhole Gallery

The camera that I use was made by Zernike Au of 'Zero Image', Hong Kong.